Dobby the (Christmas) Elf

Dobby ornament with Santa hat.

Dobby inspired elf ornament for Christmas 2019.


  • Worsted-weight yarn in cream
  • DK yarn in white and red
  • 3.5 mm hook
  • 2.75 mm hook
  • Polyfiber filling
  • 12 mm safety eyes
  • Green felt
  • Needle
  • Scissors


sc – single crochet

MC – magic circle

ch – chain

inc – increase

dec – decrease

Special stitch:

moss stitch – *sc in ch space, ch, skip next sc, repeat from *

All rows are worked in spirals (not joined) unless otherwise stated.


Head (with cream yarn and 3.5 mm hook)

20 Row Ideal Sphere by Ms Premise-Conclusion – modified by doing 2 rows of even sc instead of a single row (Row 11).

Cut 2 circles from the green felt as the iris for the eyes. Place the 12 mm safety eyes in the center of each felt circle. Attach to head before closing.

Ears (with cream yarn and 3.5 mm hook)

Row 1: 6 sc in MC

Rows 2-3: sc around (6 sc)

Row 4: inc, sc (9 sc)

Row 5: inc, 2 sc (12 sc)

Row 6: inc, sc (18 sc)

Rows 7-13: sc around (18 sc for 6 rows)

FO, leaving long tail to sew ears to head.

Make Dobby’s bat ears by curving as you sew!


Row 1: 4 sc in MC (4 sc)

Rows 2-3: sc around (4 sc)

Rows 4: inc, sc (6 sc)

Rows 5: sc around (6 sc)

FO, leaving a long tail to sew nose to head.

Santa Hat

with white DK yarn and 2.25 mm hook,

Row 1: ch 25, sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 23 ch, join to first sc (24 sc)

Row 2: *sc in next st, ch 1* continue working in moss stitch (12 moss stitch)

Change to red DK yarn,

Rows 3-4: moss stitch around ( 12 moss stitch)

Row 5: [dec, 2 moss stitch] x 4 (8 moss stitch)

Row 6: moss stitch around (8 moss stitch)

Row 7: [dec, moss stitch] x 4 (6 moss stitch)

Rows 8-9: moss stitch around (6 moss stitch)

FO by pulling tail through remaining stitches to close.

Create mini pom-pom or tassel in white and attach to top of hat.